We improve the qualifications of our employees within the cyclical industry trainings.

With our employees in mind, we have started a series of specialized internal training courses aimed for increasing their knowledge and professional skills in various technological, logistic, and IT areas used in our company.

After the summer holiday period it is time to return to hard work and study. Therefore, at the beginning of September we started a professional cycle of trainings for our employees, improving their qualifications and specialist professional skills.

The list of our trainings includes, among others, teaching programmes in the area of operating the forklift truck and overhead cranes, programming and CNC machines control, knowledge of quality management system, and first aid environment management system. Trainings are conducted by the qualified experts in a given field, who share with our employees current knowledge, both substantive and practical.

From the very beginning of our activity we have been trying to create not only friendly and safe workplaces for our employees, but we also take care of their professional development through constant improvement of qualifications and specialist skills. The experience of our employees, combined with the constant expansion of their knowledge in many technological and production areas, is the key to the success of our company and a ceiling inaccessible for our market competitors.

Currently, in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, we also provide training in the field of management system. It is an excellent opportunity for all participants of this course to discuss and try to explain the basic problems arising in this matter, as well as to effectively improve the knowledge of ISO, i.e. the quality management system in the company. https://www.tuv.com/poland/pl/