politique de confidentialité

Privacy policy
of the website www.interkraz.com.pl

General information

Your privacy is important to us. The Administrator treats their duties in the area of protection of privacy very seriously. In this regard, we have introduced relevant technical and organisational solutions so that the processed data would be secure.

The privacy policy describes, what kind of information the Administrator collects through the website, the way they use, transfer, publish and remove them. The policy controls issues related to the use of personal and non-personal data.

The administrator of the data is:
INTERkrąż sp. z o. o. address: Poland, 32-353 Trzyciąż 179, NIP (tax identification) no.: 637-20-84-798, REGON (statistical) no.: 120355820, entered in the Polish National Court Register under no. 0000266009, as kept by the district court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 12th economic department of the Polish National Court Register, company capital: 500 000 PLN.
The Administrator may be contacted through the designated person, by way of an e-mail sent to the address rodo@interkraz.com.pl, in all affairs related to the protection of personal data. The designated person will kindly provide You with all information related to the processing of Your data.
Should You have any remarks related to the processing of data, in particular, if You believe that the Administrator would be processing the data in an incorrect manner, we kindly ask You to immediately contact the designated person.

The Administrator processes the data exclusively according to the law.

By using our website, You consent to this privacy policy.

Your rights

Data that is not collected automatically is provided solely with Your consent. When providing Your personal data, You state that this is truthful and correct data, and that it applies exclusively to You and no other persons. We also ask You to update Your data. You may turn to the Administrator at any time to gain access to or edit Your personal data. Additionally, You have the right to request a reduction of the scope of processing, to voice opposition, to request correction of Your data, to have it removed or to reduce the scope of processing. You may also raise claims with the supervisory authority, which is the President of the Polish Personal Data Protection Office.

Why is the data collected

Some data, in particular data that You provide in our forms, is necessary for the handling of You as our customers. In addition, the collection of data is necessary for the purpose of correct operation of the website, the identification and correction of errors. We also use the collected data for administrative, analytical, statistical, optimisation and research purposes. A situation may arise, in which on the basis of the law in force, we will be obligated to release Your data as a response to queries of law enforcement or justice authorities.


Through their website, the Administrator utilises so-called cookies, or short text files stored on Your device. Cookies may be read by the Administrator as well as the partners, the services of whom are utilised by the Administrator, e. g. through Google Analytics.

Cookies fulfil a great variety of functions on the website, and they serve, among others, the following purposes: assurance of security, website performance improvements, error identification, improvement of the comfort of page browsing, session condition maintenance, statistical evaluations, using social media functions, if available.

Cookies may be used by advertising networks to display advertisements adapted to Your mode of use of the website.
By default, Your web browser allows the use of cookies. During your first visit, we ask You to voice Your consent for the use of cookies. You have the ability to block cookie functions. For this purpose, You need to modify the web browser settings. Every web browser permits blocking cookie functions. Should You not know, how to do this, please use the help provided for Your web browser. You may also turn to us for assistance at any time. The blocking of cookie services may hinder, and in extreme cases prevent the use of websites.

Some cookies are stored on Your device for a time described in the cookie parameters, however, not longer than 12 months or until they are deleted by the user.

Form data

If You use contact forms provided through our website, the provision of personal data by You is voluntary. The personal data provided in this way are only used for the purposes stemming from the functions of that form, e. g. to reply to Your questions. Within the scope of forms, the following data is collected: first and last name, e-mail address, perhaps phone number. Your data will be stored for a period necessary to process Your request, which may take a few days or a few months, depending on the case. Afterwards, we will delete Your data. The website may also automatically store data on the connection parameters (connection time, end user IP address).

Marketing data

If You have voiced Your consent to the use of Your data for the purpose of informing about our products and services, we will process this data solely over the period, for which the consent was provided. Please remember that You may withdraw Your consent at any time, without having to state a reason.

Social media sites and YouTube

If You use our profiles on social media sites and our YouTube channels, the operators of these sites may provide us with certain data, and they also may automatically download such data from us. Details in this regard may be found in the privacy policies of the respective providers.

Other data

In order to manage the website, we process the following data: website visit date and time, operating system type, approximate location, web browser type, time spent on the website, subpages visited, order of page visits, information on errors, user referrer website URL – if the user was transferred to the website through a link, end device IP address information. The data logged on the server layer is not linked to specific users. This data is used solely for the management of the website.

Provision of the data

Personal data stored in the forms is not transferred to third parties, unless You expressly consent to this. Other data may be provided in a limited scope to our partners, who provide us with services related to running the website, in particular in terms of analytics. To the greatest possible extent, we strive for the data transferred by us to be anonymous. More on this subject can be found in the Google Analytics privacy policy, here: https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html?hl=en.

Data processing period

Your data will be processed solely over the period necessary to achieve the objective for which they were collected. If the data serves solely a response to questions, it will be deleted immediately after correspondence is concluded. However, should we require the data in order to protect our rights or defend ourselves from claims, we will process them as long as the potential claims to not expire. If You have consented to the processing of data for the purpose of information about products and services, then this data will be processed for a period of five years, unless the consent was provided for a shorter time. Of course, You may withdraw such a consent at any time. Data utilised for analytical purposes, cookies and data related to website management will be used until they are outdated or lose their usability, not longer than over a period of three years.

Changes to the privacy policy
The Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes to the privacy policy at any time. The edited Privacy Policy shall be published on our website.