• Technological break

    We ask you to plan your future orders.
  • Forbes 2024

    It is an honor to receive the Forbes Diamonds 2024 award. Thank you to everyone who contributed to achieve this success! #ForbesDiamonds
  • MINING WEEK 2024

    Mining fairs are always an event that provides the possibilities to meet professionals from the mining industry and it is an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest trends and innovations, including the role played by rollers for belt conveyors in the development of this sector.
  • Easter 2024

    May these joyful holidays bring you not only happiness and peace, but also new prospects and successes. Let Easter be a time of renewal and inspiration, and let the freshness of spring days bring new ideas and energy for action. We wish you special moments spent with your loved ones. Happy Easter!
  • Merry Christmas!

    Thanking you for your trust and cooperation, we wish you a warm and cheerful Christmas. May the New Year bring as much success as the Christmas Eve stars burn in our homes - and in our hearts. Team INTERkrąż
  • ECOMONDO 2023

    Heartfelt thanks for all the meetings at the ECOMONDO 2023 trade fair. Your presence and inspiring conversations have created unforgettable memories. We are glad that we to have shared our vision and discussed about innovations with you. Your interest in our products gives us energy for further activities. See you at the next trade fair!
  • SIM 2023 – towards modernization

    The mining industry has aroused mixed emotions in recent years. Traditionally, the extraction of natural resources meant the prospect of economic development. However, as awareness of factors threatening the environment has increased, this picture has changed. Unfortunately, this change has long led to criticism rather than modernization, which the mining industry desperately needs. In this context, our visit to the SIM fair in Bordeaux this year was extremely positive.
  • The most (not) guilty trade fair team at the 72nd edition of SIM in Bordeaux!

    The annual SIM (French Mineral Industries Society) trade fair is a must-have item in the calendar of events of INTERkrąż. As an active partner of many francophone companies, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet our clients in person, both new and returning.
  • Mining Week 2023 in Kazakhstan

    The two-year-long Russian-Ukrainian conflict has redefined the industrial market in Europe, especially in the context of the still unresolved shortages in the supply of raw materials caused by the COVID pandemic. In this light, our few-day trip to the Mining Week 2023 fair in Kazakhstan was exceptionally optimistic.
  • INTERkrąż at Mining Week 2023 in Kazakhstan - new directions of development

    The Republic of Kazakhstan - one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. It has, among others the twelfth largest oil deposits in the world (30 billion barrels) and is at the forefront in the extraction of uranium, manganese, silver, zinc, coal, gold and copper. (out of 118 elements, 99 occur in Kazakhstan).