Rock bolts

The quality management system of INTERkrąż company according to ISO 9001:2015 and the certificates entitling to mark our rock bolts with the "B" safety mark guarantee our Customers the highest quality at the global level.

NTERkrąż rock bolts are manufactured according to the requirements of PN-G-15091 standard "Mining rock bolts - Requirements" and are subjected to the quarterly tests according to PN-G-15092 standard "Mining rock bolts - Tests" at the Central Mining Institute, which is supported by an appropriate report. The implemented quality system on the production line assures that all quality requirements and special requirements of the Customer are met.

In order to meet all our Customers' demands we are able to quickly adapt to the increasing demands of the end user.



  • PN-G-15091 Mining rock bolts - Requirements
  • PN-G-15092 Mining rock bolts - Tests