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For more than 30 years, INTERkrąż Sp. z o.o. has been providing the best solutions in the field of rollers for belt conveyors, frames for belt conveyors and anchor housing components for:

  • underground and open pit mines,
  • enterprises dealing in the operation and processing of powdery materials and mineral resources,
  • seaports and airports,
  • warehouses and sorting plants,
  • enterprises producing new machines (OEMs).

We provide high quality products in accordance with international standards and standards (DIN, PN, ISO), a guarantee for min. 24 months, implementation of custom solutions, both for the product and logistics, as well as short delivery times. Our products successfully find their recipients not only in Poland, but also in the EU and non-EU countries. Owing to the application of innovative technology, our products gain a much longer life (up to 25%!).
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Smooth rollers

Smooth runners are ideal elements for installation in conveyor belts transporting loose materials, working both on the surface and underground. Their main task is to properly shape, maintain and protect the belt, as well as the maximum reduction in resistance to movement of the transported material.
We offer smooth rollers with the following diameters: 51; 63.5; 88.9; 108; 133 and 159 mm. We use a variety of types of axle ends and prepare rollers in different variants of anti-corrosion surface protection (painting with a primer, powder painting, galvanizing). At the Customer's individual request, we create the rollers in the dimensions specified by them, meeting the needs and requirements of their business.

Directional rollers

Directional rollers are perfect for centring stations and in sections of curved conveyors. Their main task is to properly direct the belt in the upper run, which prevents lateral displacement of the conveyor belt, i.e. sliding off the axis of the conveyor's way. Such movement may damage the conveyor structure.

Coated rollers (rubberized)

Coated rollers are elements with a similar application as disc rollers. In the coated rollers, the steel tube is powder coated and a special compound of hot vulcanized rubber is applied thereon. Coated rollers are characterized by very good durability and long lifetime.

Disc rollers Type A; A + B (option with spacers)

Disc rollers are very durable elements used to support and form the lower coupling of the conveyor belt in the return run. These type of rollers also help to remove the residue of adhering material from the conveyor belt. This prevents improper belt running during the transport process. Disc rollers are made of a powder coated steel tube, on which special rubber discs are stretched in different types and sizes of discs. As an additional option it is possible to separate the discs with spacers made of plastic.
Roller discs can be made of a standard rubber compound, a rubber compound with special admixtures with e.g. antielectrostatic properties, with polyurethane and polyurethane with additives that provide special properties to the coating

Impact (ring) rollers

Impact rollers are high quality elements designed to support the upper conveyor belt. They are used to absorb and distribute energy at the points of handling. The elastic rubber rings used on the whole width of the steel ring roller prevent damage to the pipe, jacket and the roller belt as a result of the material falling on the tape. We offer ring rollers with different diameters.

Airport container dollies rollers

Rollers with plastic hubs

In 2018 our range of products was extended to include plastic hub rollers available in various variants with the use of ordinary or galvanized or stainless steel jacket and axis.

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In our product range, since 2008, we have precisely welded steel elements of conveyor route structures used as a stable and durable fastening of rollers and a conveyor belt. The structure elements are perfectly matched to the standard widths of the belts. We also make construction elements based on individual designs provided by the customer. All manufactured elements are characterized by a high quality corrosion protection, made in several variants: hot dip galvanized, powder coated and primed.

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Rock bolts

We have introduced the elements of the anchoring casing to our offer in 2012. Adhesive anchors are ideal solutions for securing the ceiling and walls of mining excavations, as an independent or reinforcing anchor housing and for suspending all kinds of mining equipment. Glued anchors are perfect for mines extracting, e.g. zinc, lead and copper ores, as well as in salt and hard coal mines. The tensile strength of the anchor rods produced by us is in each case over 500 MPa (according to the operation and maintenance manual up to 490 MPa)

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