INTERkrąż at Mining Week 2023 in Kazakhstan - new directions of development

The Republic of Kazakhstan - one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. It has, among others the twelfth largest oil deposits in the world (30 billion barrels) and is at the forefront in the extraction of uranium, manganese, silver, zinc, coal, gold and copper. (out of 118 elements, 99 occur in Kazakhstan).

Moreover, in recent years there has been a clear policy of modernization of the mining industry in Kazakhstan. This is a trend that creates many opportunities for cooperation, also in the area of ​​conveyor solutions, in which INTERkrąż specializes.We are very excited to participate in this year's Mining Week in Kazakhstan. This event is not only Karaganda's most important business event, but also attracts industry and investors from around the world.

We hope that the contacts made during this year's edition will develop and expand our exports to Kazakhstan, giving rise to long-term cooperation.

We invite all guests to stand no. 633. Let's meet in Kazakhstan!