Mining Week 2023 in Kazakhstan

The two-year-long Russian-Ukrainian conflict has redefined the industrial market in Europe, especially in the context of the still unresolved shortages in the supply of raw materials caused by the COVID pandemic. In this light, our few-day trip to the Mining Week 2023 fair in Kazakhstan was exceptionally optimistic.

This is a very promising situation, especially in the mining industry, as Kazakhstan has significant deposits of uranium, manganese, silver, zinc, coal, gold and copper. Reflecting these changes, the Mining Week fair turned out to be a bull's-eye for INTERkrąż. Of particular interest were the impact idlers with equipment specially adapted to difficult mining conditions. We had the opportunity to take part in some interesting presentations and we hope to develop our cooperation with Kazakhstan!

We would like to thank all guests for visiting our stand and we invite you to see the full range of rollers and products for the mining industry on our website