Coated/rubber-coated rollers

Descriptive specification

Roller axle:
- rolled round bar according to EN 10060, material: S235JR,
- drawn round bar according to EN 10278, material: S235JR,

Roller coat:
- seamed steel pipe according to EN 10219,
- seamless steel pipe according to EN 10216,
- precision pipes according to EN 10305.
All pipes are made from S235JR grade,

- pressed steel hub for quick assembly of RL type, crimped, material DD11 according to EN 10111,
- steel welded pressed hub, material DD11 according to EN 10111,
- cast iron hub, cast iron EN-GJL200 material according to EN 1561,

- radial contact single-row ball bearing,
- sealing according to customer's requirements 1Z, 2Z, 2RS,
- with radial run-out C3 or C4,
- Available sizes 6204, 6304, 6205, 6305, 6305, 6206, 6306, 6307, 6308,

- 5-element compact labyrinth sealing,
- labyrinth made from polyamide plastic, all filled with grease,
- external cover and ejector from polyamide or galvanized steel,

Minimum dimensions: 160 mm,
Maximum dimensions: 2200 mm,
Operational temperature range: -25° to +75°C

Product description

The purpose of the coated roller is to guide the belt within the designed conveying line. Due to the additional external layer and high customization possibilities the coated models may be used in almost all conditions, ranging from heavy industries to the light food industry.

Product characteristics/general description
Thanks to the layer of durable and elastic rubber the conveyor belt is always properly supported and protected from damage. Moreover, the external coating increases the diameter of the roller, therefore it significantly prolongs its life.

Versions/modifications for individual orders
In order to adjust the INTERkrąż offer to the needs of customers and specific industries the coated rollers are made in several variants, which are characterized by different parameters. Customers looking for the best solutions for their companies may choose in range of the outer diameter and thickness of the coat, the axle diameter and the size of its end, the size of the bearing, or the standard of realization.

Realization standards
The INTERkrąż coated rollers are manufactured in several standards of realization. The choice of the right one depends on the specific tasks that each industry has to face. For all companies that need to transport lightweight materials during the production process, the Light and Standard versions have been developed. Anyone who needs more durable components should opt for the reinforced Standard Plus version or the Heavy Duty version, adapted to even the most demanding conditions.

Silent operation
The coated rollers are also comfortable due to their quiet operation. The rubber layer efficiently suppresses the sounds generated in the contact point between the roller and the belt. Functionality is of great importance when hundreds of elements work in the production hall, which can produce unpleasant sound affecting the comfort of employees and indirectly their productivity as well.

Product features
  • Noiseless operation