Disk rollers

Descriptive specification

Roller axle:
- rolled round bar according to EN 10060, material: S235JR,
- drawn round bar according to EN 10278, material: S235JR,

Roller coat:
- seamed steel pipe according to EN 10219,
- seamless steel pipe according to EN 10216,
- precision pipes according to EN 10305.
All pipes are made from S235JR grade,

- steel welded pressed hub, material DD11 according to EN 10111,
- cast iron hub, cast iron EN-GJL200 material according to EN 1561,

- radial contact single-row ball bearing,
- sealing according to customer's requirements 1Z, 2Z, 2RS,
- with radial run-out C3 or C4,
- Available sizes 6204, 6304, 6205, 6305, 6305, 6206, 6306, 6307, 6308,

- 5-element compact labyrinth sealing,
- labyrinth made from polyamide plastic, all filled with grease,
- external cover and ejector from polyamide or galvanized steel,

- material: polyurethane or rubber,
- different disc sizes (diameter, width)
- types of used discs: A, B, A+B, D

Spacer sleeves:
- material: polyamide,
- sizes available for pipes Ø63.5; Ø88.9,

Minimum dimensions: 160 mm
Maximum dimensions: 2200 mm, powder-coated up to 2000 mm,
Operational temperature range:
- rubber discs -20° to +90°C
- polyurethane discs -30° to +180°C

Product description

The task of the disc rollers used in the lower parts of the conveyor belt in the reverse run is to support and clean the line from the residuals of transported material. This is possible due to the force of gravity and especially designed spaces determined by internal and external discs. The rollers may be manufactured using different types and combinations of discs:
- discs of type A
- discs of type A
- discs of type A+B + spacer sleeves

Product characteristics/general description
The rollers are made from steel pipe powder-coated to protect it against corrosion. Heavy-duty discs made of rubber or polyurethane are stretched on the body prepared in such way in order to efficiently guide the belt and remove unnecessary material from its surface. The discs are made from flame retardant and antistatic mixture according to ATEX directive. The rollers are made according to high standard, which means high strength and tightness assuring the possibility of working even in difficult conditions, e.g. in mines. In order to protect against corrosion, which is particularly dangerous in humid environments, the rollers are precisely coated with powder paint or galvanised. The high quality 5-element labyrinth seal has also been applied, so that work in dusty conditions is no longer a problem.

Versions/modifications for individual orders
The INTERkrąż offer includes also various variants of disc rollers with different disc sizes and types, as well as with use of distance sleeves. Customers may choose between different outer diameters of rollers, axle diameters, and bearing sizes. Moreover, the products may be personalized in range of dimensions of the standard axle end. However, this is not all. As we know that our customers' needs are diversified, we are able to provide an individual specification according to which we will carry out the order.

Precise workmanship
Our rollers are used in companies all over the world, which is why we put a great effort into the quality of their realization. We know that they are often exposed to almost extreme working conditions, so they have to be not only efficient, but also extremely durable. In order to achieve these goals we use the highest quality materials and modern technologies in our production.
Various axle end types:
All disc rollers are available with the possibility of selecting the end of the axle. Up to 12 types of different dimensions and profile are available. A large selection in this range assures that a model may be individually adapted to the customer's needs.

Working in tough conditions
The rollers are characterized by a multi-stage labyrinth seal which excludes the risk of damage caused by the penetration of harmful particles, such as water or dust, and anti-corrosion protection in form of powder coating or galvanising.

Long service life
High quality materials and attention paid to details in production make the offered rollers extremely efficient and durable. They fulfil their function even in difficult working conditions characteristic for such branches as metallurgical, chemical, or mining industry. Product features:

Product features
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Noiseless operation
  • Different axe types