Rollers for container dollies

Descriptive specification

Roller axle:
- drawn round bar according to EN 10278, material: S235JR,

Roller coat:
- seamless steel pipe according to EN 10216,
Pipe made of S235JR grade,

- pressed steel, special airport type, crimped, material DD11 according to DIN 4104. EN 10111,

- radial contact single-row ball bearing,
- sealing according to customer's requirements 2Z, 2RS,
- radial run-out C3,
- available size 6204,

Additional subassemblies:
- pressure spring,
- washer,
- sleeve,

Minimum dimensions: 160 mm
Maximum dimensions: 1400 mm,
Operating temperature range when using bearings filled with special grease:
-50° to +140°C

Product description

Rollers for container dollies are used in ground support equipment for aircrafts like container dollies, pallet trolleys. The container and pallet dollies/ trolleys enable efficient and fast reloading of baggage containers and their transport on the airport (external apron). The rollers must ensure high strength and durability for many years of use. Used outdoors, they have to withstand different weather conditions, both in rain and winter.

Product characteristics/general description
Rollers for container dollies are made from galvanized components. All components of the coat, axle, hubs, sleeves, washers, and springs are covered with a layer of zinc of thickness of 10 to 30 um. In the rollers the inverted hub is used, the bearing node is closed with the hubs with use of crimping method. Use of pre-tensioned spring inside the trolley assures fast assembly of the roller in the trolley slots, as well as durability and reliability of operation for many years of use.

Versions/modifications for individual orders
In the offer of INTERkrąż the rollers are available in coat size Ø89 with use of Ø20 axle. Customers may choose length of the rollers individually, according to their needs. In addition to the standard axle end for this roller (type 8 - compliance with the catalogue/order form) a special order is possible according to all performance standards.

Long service life
The rollers are lightweight and precisely engineered to the highest standards. We put a great effort to their quality and use modern technologies, as well as the highest quality materials. Galvanising of all elements ensures full anti-corrosion protection of the roller, both outside and inside the structure. Use of spring ensures axial flexibility of work, reducing stress during loading and unloading of containers.

Product features
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Noiseless operation
  • Different axe types
  • Extended lifetime/high reliability/long durability