Smooth rollers

Descriptive specification

Roller axle:
- rolled round bar according to EN 10060, material: S235JR,
- drawn round bar according to EN 10278, material: S235JR,

Roller coat:
- seamed steel pipe according to EN 10219,
- seamless steel pipe according to EN 10216,
- precision pipes according to EN 10305.
All pipes are made from S235JR grade,

- pressed steel hub for quick assembly of RL type, crimped, material DD11 according to EN 10111,
- steel welded pressed hub, material DD11 according to EN 10111,
- cast iron hub, cast iron EN-GJL200 material according to EN 1561,

- radial contact single-row ball bearing,
- sealing according to customer's requirements 1Z, 2Z, 2RS,
- with radial run-out C3 or C4,
- available sizes 6204, 6304, 6205, 6305, 6206, 6306, 6307, 6308, 6312,

- 2- or 5-element compact labyrinth sealing,
- labyrinth made from polyamide plastic, all filled with grease,
- external cover and ejector from polyamide or galvanized steel,

Minimum dimensions: 160 mm
Maximum dimensions: 2200 mm, powder-coated up to 2000 mm,
Operational temperature range: -30° do +120°C

Product description

The most popular type of roller, used in wide range of loads. Thanks to its flexibility in selection of technical parameters and universal design the product is perfect for almost all types of industries. High strength and resistance to damages caused by working conditions makes it ideal for the mining industry. Smooth surface for easy cleaning ensures that smooth rollers are the perfect choice for the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Product characteristics/general description
Smooth rollers are the perfect choice wherever strength and reliability are important. This is possible thanks to use of the best quality materials. The roller coat is made from steel pipe which ensures extraordinary durability. Depending on the standard used, the hub durability is ensured by cold pressing of the steel hub or casting the cast iron hub. Depending on the customer's needs, the product is coated with powder paint or galvanised in order to protect it against corrosion. All rollers are manufactured in several variants so it is possible to choose a version suitable for the company and working conditions prevailing in it.

Versions/modifications for individual orders
We know in INTERkrąż that each company is different and requires completely different tools. We understand the needs of various industries so we offer smooth rollers, which are available in several variants tailored to individual customer requirements. For the companies demanding light and compact rollers we offer Super Light or Light L versions which are the result of a compromise between extraordinary efficiency and economy. On the other hand, we have prepared Heavy Duty version for all those for whom the durability is a priority, even in the toughest conditions. Moreover, the interested companies may choose variants: Standard and Standard Plus.

Multistage labyrinth sealing
The perfect roller should combine reliable operation with a long service life. The latter is particularly important in industries where working conditions are tough and the environment is characterised by the presence of dust or water hazardous for mechanisms. Protection of the roller against their destructive influence is possible thanks to the multi-stage labyrinth seal. Due to its unique design and excellent materials smooth rollers are effectively protected against harmful substances, which makes their lifespan extremely long.

Coat wall thickness
The coat wall is the element that significantly determines the durability of the whole roller, and at the same time reduces the resistance of the handled material movement. For this reason alone, it is necessary to choose the thickness corresponding to the characteristics of a given industry. If you are interested in the INTERkrąż offer, you may choose wall thicknesses from 2.9 mm to 4.5 mm as standard.

Product features
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Operation in extreme conditions
  • Noiseless operation
  • Different axe types
  • Extended lifetime/high reliability/long durability
  • Water-tightness/dust-tightness
  • Use in explosive atmosphere (ATEX Directive)